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We believe there is room for every artist to be successful.

We believe in artists referring work to each other.

We believe that passing work forward will eventually come back.

We do not believe in taking a commission for referred work.

Nibtique is revolutionizing the way professional artists connect with clients!

Created by artists for artists. Open to all calligraphy artists globally.

Revolution #1

Showcasing All Your Unique Services

If you're like most calligraphy artists, chances are you offer so much more than wedding services. And if that's the case, existing platforms are simply not cutting it!

Created by artists who understand your needs, Nibtique allows you to promote all your work to more accurately represent your range of talents to potential customers.

Revolution #2

Breaking Down Your Barriers

In this day in age, your location should not be holding you back from opportunities. Yet, location is a limiting factor in getting found on existing platforms that only show you to local clients….until now.

We’re making it easy for clients to identify if they need on-site services and if not, we’re taking location out of the equation and opening you up to new possibilities with global access to clients.

Revolution #3

Empowering Our Community

If you’re an established calligrapher you’ve likely had to turn down requests. Yet the client would be so grateful for your assistance in connecting them with a talented artist who would be a perfect fit.

Our networking tool helps you smoothly refer clients to your trusted colleagues knowing the positive energy will come back to you some day! Together, we're building a networking synergy that will attract clients and harness the power of collective marketing!

Nibtique is about ALL your talents!

  • Freehand Engraving
  • Live On Site Calligraphy
  • Live On Site Engraving
  • Live On Site Artist
  • Quotes & Vows Calligraphy
  • Invitation Design
  • Invitation Calligraphy
  • Envelope Addressing
  • Crest & Monogram Design
  • Event Signage & Seating Charts
  • Day-Of Event Calligraphy
  • Leather Embossing & Foiling
  • Family Trees
  • Window Painting & Murals
  • Logo Design
  • Certificates & Diplomas
  • Venue Sketches & House Portraits
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