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Banner Images

Create a folder of your favorite images in the "Featured Work" section. Once published, they will show in your profile page scrolling hero banner and your artist search page preview. You can only create one Featured Work folder but you are encouraged to add multiple images.

Headshot & Logo

Your headshot lets clients connect with you personally while your logo conveys professionalism and serves as yet another representation of your style. 

Service Categories

What type of work do you want to attract? Select as many service categories as you would like. Clients will find you on the Explore Artists page using the drop-down list of searchable categories only for the services you select.

Portfolio Search

Pick a cover image that grabs the clients' attention! Each portfolio you create will show on your profile page and the Nibtique Portfolio page. As clients can search portfolios by service category, create a separate portfolio for each service you offer. 

Publish Portfolios

If your portfolios aren't showing, check the status Published or Draft. When you are ready, edit the portfolio, select "Yes" in the radio buttons under "Publish?" and share with the world.

Pricing & More

Upload a pdf price list of your services, select yes or no for on site work and enter your minimum live event booking hours. Add any professional trainings and memberships to complete your resume.

Direct Clients

Use your custom url to point clients directly to your page! Your Nibtique page url is so that it's easy to remember. Use it on social media link lists, business cards, in addition to or in place of your own website.

Get Recommendations

Ask clients to leave you a recommendation. Future potential clients will see your recommendations on your Reviews tab. You can write a public reply in the Manage Recommendations section.

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